For each successful boot, make sure to run some sort of benchmark test or stress test (Check the section titled: Benchmarking and Stress testing tools for more information). AMD VirtualizationVirtualization on desktop computers allows a single PC to act like multiple virtual machines. The HTT and a couple of other things are what make up the CPU-NB but to make things more straightforward, I will talk as if the CPU-NB and the HTT are two different entities. I personally love doing this in my spare time. I do not suggest using it for 24/7 overclocking though. Please make sure to research this before taking my word though. There are several different types of timings you can modify but there are only six that you will want to work with. Let AOD take its time in setting the CPU Frequency. First thing is first, for all CPUs: find your walls. No matter what you do, you will not be able to get around this wall. For example: 5-5-5-15. Here are the most common terms that I will be referring to. Open up AOD; This tool is designed to do exactly what I am showing you. Check out the Overclockers Benching Team to learn more about how to overclock your Phenom II! To those who do have to use this process, feel lucky. Only a few people have ever used this very expensive substance, but the results have proven the utility of liquid helium. On a side note, I did mention that the HTT will be used a lot more with Thuban. This does not mean you will be able to run 24/7 on these settings, it just shows that your CPU can handle an instance of intense benching which means there is hope (sometimes very small). For the first part of the CPU, you have the cores. As a rule of thumb you should keep your HTT between 1200 – 2200 MHz when overclocking. NOTE: When configuring the ratio of your RAM, not all BIOS’s will  be the same. 2 Stunden (ich weiß man sollte länger laufen lassen) laufen lassen und bekam keinen Fehler. Otherwise, maybe you’ve heard of it from the references across other enthusiast forums who link back to for the instructions. • BSODS: This is caused by memory instability. Your second option is to increase the CPU-NB frequency and/or voltage. Hilfe beim Thema Hardware Overclocking und Modifizierung. In some cases you will find that 7-9-7-15-30, or something similar, will be the best for speed and stability. You are close to damaging the CPU if you go any further. Thuban wants everything to be happy, and requires harmony between all four areas. As always the lord of all walls is the heat wall. Make sure to try a variety of different settings until you feel comfortable. This rule goes as far as extreme overclocking as well. The ROG STRIX RTX 2060 OC is currently priced at $399 which is only $50 over the lowest priced model over at, let’s take a dive into this card and see what that $50 is going to get us. The cores are connected by the FSB or HT Link (HTL) – even the CPU-NB runs on it. AW: phenom II x4 955 übertakten Ich hab für dich mal die Screenshots von meinem damaligen 9 6 5er rausgesucht, vielleicht kannst du dich zumindest etwas an den Settings orientieren. Bei AMD bieten sich vor allem die Phenom und Phenom II Prozessoren auf Basis von Sockel AM2+ oder AM3-Mainboards zum Übertakten an. If you are anywhere near this sweet spot, OC settings will start to become unstable. Hey leute, ich überlege mir bald einen neuen pc zu bauen, mit amd phenom ii x4 955. allerdings würde ich diesen gerne uach höher übertakten. This guide will teach you how to properly overclock your Phenom II, and squeeze out every last drop that the CPU has to offer. For the most part you will not have to do much with the HTT but sometimes lowering it below stock will get you to the CPU speed you want. Nicht nur die Performance... Klicke in dieses Feld, um es in vollständiger Größe anzuzeigen. Seti / Folding at Home crunching: Probably the best way to test if your computer is fully stable. This section is intended for those that do not have a B.E. Your RAM has a direct link to your CPU, there is no chip in between – the CPU has an IMC (integrated memory controller). Since we have seen the tock, we now expect even further refinement. Unser Test prüft, ob die AM3-CPU auch effizient rechnet. AMD Phenom II X4 955 vs Intel Celeron G3930: 3. This will serve as a very useful tool as you overclock your Phenom II. I have constructed a table outlining the settings at which your CPU-NB should be with ‘X’ CPU Speed. A good place to start is confirming where each setting is located before beginning to overclock. Then, when you switch from automatic to manual mode, you do not start off too low or too high with your overclocking. Although the Thuban and the Deneb are sister and brother in nature, they tend to behave differently when overclocking. The menu will allow you to choose the ratio you want. AMD Phenom II X4 940 übertakten. AW: Phenom II x4 955 BE Übertakten? This is mostly due to how much work it has to do: the CPU-NB is the controller of memory. AMD Phenom II X4 955 vs Intel Celeron G530: 4. The only way to get around it is if you lower the temperature even further. Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450. Depending on your motherboard maker, you should be able to fine tune your RAM timings. It tends to work better. ): Hey Leute hab nen kleines Prob beim Übertakten. When it launched in Q2 of 2009, it was AMD’s fastest CPU. Of course, as you increase the CPU-NB frequency, you have to increase the CPU-NB voltage. If you go above this, you may want to lower the HTT back down between 2200 – 2400 MHz. This will be talked about in more depth under the CPU/NorthBridge section. The reason for the memory limitations is mostly based on how the CPU-NB was built by AMD. Please use Table 3 and Table 4 for more information on what CPU-NB frequency and Voltage you should be at. As you continue to increase your CPU speed, make sure to watch the CPU temperature. AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition. It gives a couple side notes that will help you overclock your Thuban . Repeat wPrime test, then repeat CPU speed increase until either one of two things happen; either the system becomes unstable due to lack of voltage, or the CPU will get too hot. Table 1 shows an example of some common ratios. These can potentially even lower the voltage used when in idle mode. When the North Bridge (NB) of a Phenom II is discussed, it is safe to assume that they are talking about the CPU-NB. This method only works with Phenom II BE chips though. Wie wird das System schneller? I will use the 940BE in these two examples. A lot of the time you will spend overclocking, using the FSB, will be trying to balance everything. Most of the time, you will be required to have a pretty high voltage on the CPU-NB with a low frequency in order to keep your CPU stable. The Phenom II has a maximum temperature of 55C. A good place to confirm stock specifications is AMD’s desktop processor product list. In most cases your theoretical max speeds that you have found will not work under the Prime95 test, you may have to increase the CPU voltage, or find a balance with the CPU-NB and HTT. Bringing everything together is the key to making the Phenom II work, and most importantly, keeping it as cold as possible will make the CPU more happy. If you push something too much, you will have to increase the voltage for that section of the CPU. 108. The main one being the Heat Wall (read more about that in my Heat Wall section). #3 Suchr, 23. Only if you intend to run things at stock then use Turbo Mode. Once it hits a maximum of 60 °C LOAD, you MUST STOP! AMD Phenom II X4 955 vs Intel Pentium D1508: 5. AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition. As you can see with Table 3, these are the supposed frequencies of your CPU-NB at X CPU frequency. Deneb allows you to effectively ignore the CPU-NB or the HTT. I mentioned in the Memory section that the Memory has limitations due to the CPU-NB. The link works in the article, I just clicked the one in the forum here and its' broken - that is the discrepancy - click the link in the actual article and you will see what I was talking about. Just read it through again. Start pushing the FSB by a factor of 10, and then by a factor of 5. This is so because we want to force the CPU to stay at stock speeds. Now that you know how to determine the speed of your RAM, you can now set the timings of your RAM. Run wPrime 32M. For beginners, I suggest that you read everything before acting. This is a useless function that has no purpose for now. Changing the CPU-NB frequency to lower or higher settings may help stabilize the OC. The AMD Phenom II X4 955 is a quad-core processor based on the K10 micro-architecture. B CPU: AMD Phenom X4 II 955BE @ 3,62 Ghz Mainboard: Gigabyte GA970D3 RAM:... Dieses Thema im Forum "Prozessoren" wurde erstellt von Go4Nvidia, 20. These CPUs have an unlocked multiplier and will allow the user to just increase the multiplier of the cores, thus increasing the speed of the CPU. It only cares about how much voltage you are giving it, and how cold it is. Wie kann ich das Gehäuse verändern? I would suggest that you do not touch the other settings not covered here unless you know what they do. If on, the voltage will have a bit of bigger area of which it can operate. This should be pretty easy as it should only be using the stock voltages and a bump up on the CPU-NB and HTT, if that. AMD Phenom II X4 810. This was a nice refresher! Der Multiplikator ist ja standardmäßig auf x4.0 eingestellt. Although, the reason behind that error could be caused by RAM or CPU-NB, but for now we will consider this as a theoretical max. Along with the formula, Table 4 shows what voltage you may need using ‘Y’ CPU-NB Multiplier. You guys really reduced it from ∞ to 3? Incredible article!!! As you can see, it’s just as simple as the CPU core speed calculation. Check temperature to make sure that you are within range of Max CPU temperature. You can push the CPU-NB voltage to a max of 1.35V. I would first try to increase the Voltage before exploring the other two problems. The reason behind this is due to the IMC limitations. Remember they have their own separate multiplier but they do in fact run at the same speeds at stock. The Deneb is much hungrier when it comes to voltages and it does not cope well when the core temperature is anywhere near 55 C. The Thuban is much more gentler, and allows higher clocked cores without the need for high voltages. With this ‘Y’ voltage at ‘X’ speed, you have been able to see if it is stable under Prime95 with ‘C’ CPU-NB settings and ‘B’ HTT settings (where ‘C’ also includes CPU-NB voltage). Third side note, turn off Turbo Mode. In other terms, FSB * CPU Multiplier = Speed of CPU. Übertakten eines AMD Phenom II X6 1090T: SKy89: Overclocking - Übertakten: 7: 18.06.2015 20:12: Phenom II X6 1055T Übertakten auf 4 Ghz: Chabrol: Overclocking - Übertakten: 4: 01.07.2013 07:31 [News] MSI Unlock CPU Core: Aus Phenom II X4 wird Phenom II X6 geht auch mit MSI: TweakPC Newsbot: News: 1: 19.04.2010 19:30 AW: Welchen Kühler für AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE Das selbe hier, Scythe Mugen 2, bietet eins der besten P/L-Verhältnisse Mein 940er klettert auf 55°C bei 3,7 Ghz, unter nem Noctua NH-U12P. AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Box, Sockel AM3 Übertakten Hi, wie der Titel schon sagt möchte ich gerne meinen prozessor etwas übertatkten. By all means you should think about looking at the CPU-NB each and every time when trying to push for a different CPU Frequency. AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition. To make sure these settings are stable you should use the tools below: On the other hand some of you just want to score some great scores using benchmarks. The memory frequency can be changed by changing the the FSB frequency and/or ratio. Before We Overclock details the 3 major subsystems which are key to overclocking this family of processors and is helpful for understanding how things work together. Depending on your PSU (Power Supply), cooling, and hundreds of other factors, if you try to continuously push your CPU over the max, you could end up harming it. If you have a Thuban, make sure to turn off Turbo Mode in BIOS. With  the speeds increasing for memory, it is normal that latency increases for stability purposes. The speed of your CPU-NB is the max speed of your HTT. It is all about optimization these days; getting the fastest out of your hardware, down to the last clock of RAM. This tends to be a lot of fun for most people. Diskutiere und helfe bei AMD Phenom X4 II 955 BE + Gigabyte GA970D3 im Bereich Prozessoren im SysProfile Forum bei einer Lösung; Hallo Leute, habe folgendes System: Kühler: Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. Now you can move on to seeing how far you can push your CPU. :beer: :beer: :beer: The "Dolk's guide" link almost doesn't work. The FSB always has a stock frequency of 200 MHz. The first thing you can do with your RAM is to continue to keep it at stock or close to stock. If your CPU is too fast and your CPU-NB is too slow, you will create instability. In this section I will teach you overclocking basics for the Phenom II. You will not need most of the information, but it does not hurt to learn more about your CPU. 200 * 15 = 3000 MHz Core Speed, Overclock using FSB: Your first option is to raise the CPU Voltage. After the rather disappointing Phenom was on the market for a year, the Phenom II brought AMD out of a huge hole as although the Phenom II did not compete on par with Intel in the benchmarking world, it did bring to the market a low cost CPU that was just as good if not better when it came to gaming. The first one gives information regarding what may cause a crash when overclocking. AMD Phenom II X4 955 vs Intel Pentium 2129Y Depending on your RAM manufacturer there are a couple of basic timings that you will most definitely use while overclocking the Phenom II. If no errors are thrown, and your Computer continues to run, this is considered a theoretical potential overclock of your CPU. RAM has been somewhat left alone at this point, staying relatively at stock speed and timing. For now, the default timings of your RAM should prove to be the best for overclocking. To all those that were expecting a section called “The Heat Wall” here it is in simple form. Now that you have found your FSB Maximum, you can now push the CPU to see how high of an overclock you can accomplish. Ersteller des Themas Gikon; Erstellungsdatum 23. This same process will work as well with the HTT. Hilfe beim Thema Hardware Overclocking und Modifizierung. After the rather disappointing Phenom was on the market for a year, the Phenom II brought AMD out of a huge hole as although the Phenom II did not compete on par with Intel in the benchmarking world, it did bring to the market a low cost CPU that was just as good if not better when it came to gaming. In here everything is still connected by the FSB of the CPU, and each part has its own speed. The second way will show the four basic DRAM Frequencies. Using one of the ratios and a simple equation, you can determine the speed at which your RAM is running. Overclocking is not always a simple task. Shortly after the release of the Phenom IIs, it was discovered that they could still operate at a temperature below even that of liquid nitrogen (-196 C) . Lian-Li Announces UNI Fan SL140 and Strimer Plus Triple 8 Pin GPU Cable, Alphacool Releases Four New Eisblock Aurora GPX-N Coolers for 30-Series Graphics Cards, G.SKILL Announces ENKI Series AIO CPU Coolers, Alphacool Announces Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-A RX 6800(XT)/6900XT PowerColor Red Devil GPU Water Block, Phanteks Launches Glacier One All-In-One CPU Coolers, Corsair Launches Hydro-X Series XG7 GPU Water Blocks, Biostar Announces All New Radeon RX 6900 XT Graphics Card, Mushkin Launches New ALPHA Series Solid State Drives, G.SKILL Memory is The Most Used DDR4 For Breaking AMD Vermeer OC Records, XPG Launches Levante 360 All-in-One Liquid Cooler, We use cookies to ensure that our site performs its best for you. If you do have a Black Edition CPU, it is still wise to read through this section. But, on the other hand, it may not work at all. RAM should be at its default SPD settings as well. Deneb was the first Phenom II core released. In 90% of cases this is true, but the other 10% of people have something called a BE or Black Edition CPU. First thing you need to do is get up to 3.4 GHz stable. If all has gone well, you should have found a high overclock that is technically your max with the variables set by the theoretical max found by the AOD testing. The memory frequency is determined from a ratio, composed of the FSB (Front Side Bus) Frequency and the DRAM Frequency (Seen as FSB:DRAM). In most cases, you will not need to exceed 2.4v on DDR2, and no more than 2.1v on DDR3. Simply put, they both have their own multiplier and they are directly affected by the FSB. Please make sure to look up the default values for your specific CPU at the link provided. If your goal is to make your CPU stable, you NEED to lower the settings to have the CPU LOAD temp at a max of 55 °C. And finally, the guide wraps up with several subsections to assist you if you run into trouble. You will increase the FSB by a factor of 10 then by a factor of 5 after that. Listed below are the typical stock voltages of a Phenom II. With the 810, I can only increase the FSB in order to overclock the CPU itself. You will understand this once you encounter “The Heat Wall” for the first time. The CPU-NB is the section of the CPU that controls the L3 Cache, IMC and the HTT. 113. Copyright © Overclockers Media Group, LLC | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Intel Burn In: A tool that is recommended by most to test for stability as well. The reason behind this is bad RAM or OCed RAM, or can be caused by instable CPU-NB. The Third section “Crash *Computer Explosions*” has two main sections. 118. The second section is “Overclocking with Black Edition”. This will allow a sort of fluctuation with the CPUv and CPU-NBv. These voltages were based off using a 940 using default settings. There is also the possibility of lowering the timings with your stock Ratio and voltage. There are two parts to the memory settings: frequency and timings. I hope that you enjoyed this guide as much as I did. In order to overclock your computer, most people would simply increase the FSB because the CPU is typically multiplier locked. HowTo AMD Phenom X4 II 955 BE + Gigabyte GA970D3. Make sure you know this before getting started. You are going to need Prime95 or a similar tool for this next part. Just to give an idea of how much was trimmed down. Before we begin, you must understand that there will be a limit to the CPU, and you will have to accept it. Table 2 is only a reference and may not apply to your RAM. Overclock using Multiplier: The first way is the basic ratio, just like my table from above. The voltage of your RAM will need to be researched. DRAM Frequency = [ (FSB Frequency * DRAM Ratio) / FSB Ratio ] * 2. The Voltage issue is simple, increase voltage. Before I let you go, I will end it all with a nice wrap up. 36,2. NOTE: You can look up your default timing by using a free program called CPU-Z and going to the SPD Tab. The timings are most commonly represented as CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS. Your RAM timings represent the number of cycles it takes for information to be processed. Intel Core 2 Duo E7200. AMD Phenom II x4 955 Be übertakten? First is “The Old Fashioners”. Work with it when you need to. 41,4. One thing you should notice right away is that the CPU-NB and the HTT are using the same multipliers at stock settings. The FSB frequency also affects the CPU-NB and HTT. Sorry. If you have a BE CPU, there is no difference other then what will be talked about later in this section. These timings are directly affected by the speed of your RAM. Prerequisites explain basic details to understand the guide. In most cases I have found that keeping the RAM at 1600MHz for DDR3 and 1066 – 1200 MHz, for DDR2  provides the best stability and performance. Thuban was not a redesign of the CPU, but tapped into the (as yet un-released) power of the Deneb. For those interested, more complete processor specifications can be referenced in the AMD Power and Thermal Data Sheet. This will surely become one of the staple go-to guides for AMD overclocking. Nach unserem AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE Testbericht konnten wir sehen, dass es sich hier um eine sehr interessante CPU handelt. I grabbed the stock NBv from the Thermal, and Voltage white papers that AMD released. Here is where we start finding your maximum CPU frequency speed, along with supported speeds with HTT and CPU-NB. Taking a structured approach, this guide talks about each individual part of the system that you will need to overclock. AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Box, Sockel AM3 Übertakten Hi, wie der Titel schon sagt möchte ich gerne meinen prozessor etwas übertatkten. If you are having trouble with your overclocked CPU, instead of increasing the CPU-NB try to bring it down. There you have it. To be blunt, the Phenom II CPU-NB is not the best. Each manufacturer’s motherboard BIOS is unique, referring to the same settings with different terminology and layout. Read More, It seems like only yesterday we were reviewing the Skylake CPU, but it turns out that was nearly 17 months ago! You should first try increasing the voltage before increasing the frequency. I find using the FSB to overclock the CPU a lot more fun and challenging than the newly fashioned unlocked multipliers. The other way is to increase the FSB. With the Phenom II, a new era of overclocking was created. For example, I will calculate 1600 RAM, using standard AMD Settings which is a 200 FSB frequency setting. So, the CPU-NB and HTT have their own speeds, and they work the same way as the CPU cores. Note, that “The Heat Wall” will also appear in places you never would expect. While this will work for the majority of the time, it does not work all the time. Normalerweise hab ich bei meinem Phenom einfach denn Multi angehoben und hab ihn so ein klein wenig Übertaktet. The RAM ratio will be shown in one of two ways depending on your motherboard maker. If we include every cumbersome detail directly, the guide would be back up to the 50 pages it started at - an avalanche of information can hurt more than it helps. The idea behind the formula is a rough estimate of what you should be at with ‘X’ CPU Frequency. Each timing works with a corresponding DRAM Frequency. Hallo, ich wollte heute meinen Phenom II X4 955 auf 3.6 GHz übertakten, jedoch bekomme ich Bluescreen, wenn ich z.B. The guide has had many re-writes to update details or add more in-depth information about CPUs in general. The overclocking ability of the Phenom II is directly proportional to that of its core temperature. Best used to see if your computer can handle some benchmarks before shutting down. Wie kann ich diesen übertakten, bzw. Even though you have this powerful chip, you are still going to have walls that limit you as to how far you can go. Beim Phenom II schränkt das Drumherum der Plattform ein, selbst wenn man die CPU auf 4GHz übertakten kann. The next section is divided into three main parts. The CPU-NB is probably the most complicated part of the Phenom II. Play around with it, and see how it affects your system in both stability and speed. Most of the time, this will work. Also note that the CPU-NB voltage should never exceed 1.35 v in any way. Overclocking the Phenom II is a simply complicated task of check, and re-check for hours on hours a day. For most people the following are the most common tools used for comparison of benchmarks. In other terms: if the chip is cold it will scale better in overclocking. How you should approach the CPU-NB is pretty simple: resort to changing the CPU-NB as a last step. This will tell you how far you can go, and at what temperature you may be running at. 133. SuperPi 32M and 1M: Use this tool to check for somewhat stability. In essence it will come down to you playing around with your timings and testing them to find the best balance of both stability and speed. You will also need wPrime version 1.55 and the latest version of CPU-Z. I remember reading this when the 720's first came out. With these new buffs the Phenom II got a new boost in the CPU market. Now that  you have seen actual data charts you can criticize my theorem, do not worry I already do it myself. Actually I have Super Pi 1M, 3D Mark 06, PC Mark 05 and Geekbench charts as well showing that the 2800 MHz NB usually is top of the charts rather than the recommended speeds by my calculations. For the first wall, let us find your max core wall. Please do not even attempt to use Turbo Mode with an overclocked Thuban. Sometimes it takes time to find the sweet spot for your CPU. Hallo, habe gerade im BIOS die CPU Voltage Control auf 1.3500V gestellt aber unten bei Normal CPU Vcore ändert sich nichts und ich kann da auch nichts verstellen, es bleibt immer bei 1.4000V und in Everest … By continuing to use this site we will assume you accept our, Helpful Information – Benchmarking and Stress Testing Tools, ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2060 OC Gaming Video Card Review, G.SKILL DDR4 Memory Reaches Extreme Speeds, Beginner's Guide to Water Cooling Your PC. The second part contains the CPU-NB, and HTT. AMD Phenom II X4 945 übertakten. This can cause a couple things: either an embarrassing situation, or a very unstable system. In this section, you will learn how to overclock all Phenom II Black Edition CPUs. Read More, G.SKILL demonstrates that DDR4 memory is capable of reaching a higher tier of extreme speed than ever before, at up to DDR4-5000MHz with 8GB and 16GB memory modules, as well as DDR4-4400 with high-capacity 32GB modules. It has been a very long road with this guide. Just know that modifying the FSB will also affect things other than the CPU core speed. Prime 95: Use this tool to check full stability. All of the settings that I refer to will be located in your motherboard BIOS.